How to use

We hope this application, which shows our floors in typical commercial spaces, will help you select the perfect floor for your project.

Main selection tools
  1. Select a space from the menu – you can change spaces at any time and your current floor simply switches with you.
  2. Select a floor by look, tone, color, range, wear layer or thickness by clicking on the menu or the paintbrush on the floor.
Additional options:
  1. Select an installation design to change the layout or add a design strip:
    1. When choosing a design strip or checkerboard design, click on Product 2 or the design strip to select different products.
  2. You can also change the laying angle.
  3. In some spaces you can change the wall color by clicking on a paintbrush.
  4. Click on the Add Samples button to review your selection and bookmark samples. You can then manage them in ‘Your Samples’. When you return to the main website they will transfer into ‘Your samples’ so you can complete your order.
  5. Use our CAD service to download multiple planks or tiles and corresponding 3D models.
  6. Share your favorites.